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Brayanth Negrin, Venezuela, ESOL Integrated Skills III

Optimists think that there are negative vibrations when they hear the bad news in Venezuela about the violation of human rights, violence and disrespect to the neighbors. There is a belief that in Venezuela everything was lost. Everything seems to be impossible in Venezuela. Now I will give you, the people of Venezuela, some guidelines for change. If you want a change, do not pray, do not ask, but be part of the change yourself with actions, thoughts and feelings as the creators of the change. The quality of your thoughts and feelings will determine the type of change that comes.

Negative vibrations happen when you hear the bad news in your country.  Therefore, what you have to do is keep calm and don’t let the negative thoughts overcome in a situation. Be optimistic. Whatever they tell you, don’t listen to them knowing that they are toxic people in the country. Eliminate the vocabulary of fighting, and don’t pretend to fight all the time because it contains energy, effort and difficulty to a favorable change.