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Andrea Solis, Venezuela, ESOL Integrated Skills III

Living in Venezuela isn’t an easy thing. The government doesn’t worry about the population. There is a lot of violence in the streets. We can’t find essential things like food. The youth is growing up with a deficient education. But definitely the worst is that the population doesn’t do anything to change that. Therefore, I think a big change in our society sounds like an impossible thing but I’m so sure that it is. That’s why the principal change that I would like to see in my country is the way in that our people think, because definitely our main problem is social.

For at least 16 years, the population of Venezuela has been in an “I don’t care” situation. When they make decisions, they don’t understand that those decisions affect not only their present but also the future generations. That’s why we actually have Nicolas Maduro as a President, and that’s why we don’t have independence in the parliament. But why do I blame the population? Because yes, we have elections but the evil always wins. Why? Because the people are still voting for those persons.

Then we know that the main problem is social, so we need to start changing ourselves first. Read more about our history, think more about the future and believe in the power that our Constitution has. All the mechanisms to change that awful government are there. But ignorance is causing a big damage in my country, in the people and in the new generation that is growing up in different countries, because Venezuela isn’t a country to live in anymore. I believe in our people, I believe in the power that we have, and I know that we can do so much more to change the hard reality that my Venezuela is living today.