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Lorena Castellanos, El Salvador, ESOL Integrated Skills III

Anyone who lives in El Salvador can agree with me if I say that many urgent changes need to be done. Wealthy people, though, think the opposite, because most of them are the ones who have been taking most of the money my country makes. The changes I would like to see in El Salvador are from different fields, but all work together to build a better country.

First at all, in order for people to feel safe in their own environment, security is the most important thing the government has to take care of. It is a human right to feel safe and secure. In my country, it is not a secret that we lack good security. In fact, many people do not feel safe in their own house or work. I want to see my country as a beautiful place where people feel safe and happy wherever they are.

Secondly, I would like to see an improvement in education. El Salvador needs a better and fair budget for district schools as soon as possible. Most of the district schools do not have the right materials to work with, nor the appropriate buildings for students to feel safe. In fact, there are several schools that do not even have any books, especially the ones located in rural cities. Teachers have to buy everything they need for their lessons, be creative in how they give their lessons without any support material, and some of them have to buy food and feed their students during breaks.

Another change I would like to see in my country is in the government. We need leaders that fight for the people, not those who take advantage of them. I strongly believe that a good president is a leader, someone who puts his people first before his needs. For example, in El Salvador there have been many natural disasters in the past, and with this, many injustices have been seen. There have been cases where politicians, like one of our former presidents, stole all the donations we received from friendly countries. This is one of the reasons I strongly believe that we need to change people that represent our government.

Overall, there are so many changes I would like to see in my country to become a prosperous and a safe country, but most important is that people at the government be replaced and with those who stand for us, work on improving the education and our security. My country has been suffering for a long time, and it would be so nice to see all these changes become a reality.

It seems that expression is coming back for the 21th century and is not going anywhere.  The expression matches perfectly for the recent style life we have been through. Everyone, well almost everyone, has to pay bills.  So remember dear reader if you feel very tired by the end of the day and want to go to bed just say, “I am going to hit the hay.”