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Martha Perez Soto, Colombia, Integrated Skills III

I would like to see many changes in my country, but the most important change is the right to education for the poor children.  In my country Colombia, people who are poor or live in the countryside do not have the opportunity to get a good education. Hundreds of poor children want to go to school, but they cannot go to school because their parents do not have enough money to support them.

Of course, there are good schools and colleges, but very few families can afford them. I would like to see education become affordable for everyone because education is one of the human rights. We must support a good education for our children now because they are our future. Without education for our children in the present, the future will be uncertain. If I could fix this education issue, I would support the parents first with a good job, and second I would support the children with good transportation, books and restaurants. I think in this way the poor children can go to school every day.