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Trang Nguyen, Vietnam, ESOL Integrated Skills III

I miss my country, where I was born and spent my sweet childhood. From the bottom of my heart, I wish for lots of positive and new changes in Vietnam related to the economy, human rights and benefits, education, health care and the infrastructure. Changing the transportation system is the most urgent thing I want to see in my country.

Firstly, the government needs to give strong penalties for traffic violators and restructure the traffic police in processing the fines for any violators. We do have traffic laws like other countries, but many people do not follow them. Why? I suppose that the reason is that the penalty for breaking traffic laws is still low, so people don’t pay much attention to the laws. For example, the penalty for running the red light is around $10. If the government increases the penalty to $100 per occurrence, people will think twice before doing such a stupid action. Moreover, we need to have good, honest and highly responsible traffic police force who can say to bribes from violators. We can send a good leader to Singapore or any country whose transportation system is one of the best in the world to learn good things from them. Another thing is that we should increase the salary of the police officers and apply hard penalties if they violate the laws. I trust these two elements concerning strong penalties for traffic law violators and restructuring of the police team will resolve transportation issues in Vietnam.

Secondly, the government should build highways to connect the north with the south of the country and expand the current roads for safe and smooth transportation methods. We have to accept the fact that there is no highway in Vietnam. All transportation vehicles such as bicycles, motorbikes, cars, vans, trucks, and big trucks use the same roads together. This causes lots of traffic accidents and reduces speed for cars, vans and trucks. According to the traffic accident research in 2017, there were 20,280 accidents on the roads in Vietnam. This statistic was reported to the government. I trust the real number of road accidents is even more. The distance from Ho Chi Minh to Nha Trang city is only about 450 km. However, it takes around 10 hours by car because of heavy traffic. The government should build highways for cars, vans and trucks with speed limits and expand the existing roads for slower transportation methods, such as bikes, so that people are able to drive smoothly and reduce traffic accidents.

In general, I want to see lots of new changes in my country on the day I return there. One of these changes is transportation system. It is hard to do it. It involves collaboration between people and government. The government should change the old traffic penalties to the strong ones, restructure the traffic police team with high salary and discipline, build a whole highway system from the north to the south and open more roads for people to drive smoothly and safely. With these changes, Vietnam will have a new look in the future.