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Adelin Javier, Puerto Rico, ESOL Writing II

Puerto Rico is the only nation in the world where Christmas continues into the middle of January. Christmas in Puerto Rico begins on the last Thursday of November and lasts until late January. The Day of the Three Wise Men is celebrated on January 6th. On this day, children put grass for the three wise men’s camels under the bed and receive gifts. On the following day, January 7th, the so-called Octavitas begin, during which female characters, such as the three Marias, are honored.

People also decorate their houses with lights everywhere in the country. Every year, approximately 700,000 people gather in San Juan during this celebration, the capital of the islands, and they dance to folk music, sing, and drink alcoholic beverages. Families gather and prepare a traditional drink called Coquito, which is made of Bacardi Rum and coconut. The Octavitas end on January 17th and, after that, all the Christmas decorations are removed from homes and streets. It is my favorite season of the year because people are very happy. Christmas on my islands is the longest in the world, and Puerto Rico is the only place where it is celebrated in this way.