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Maria Rendon, Ecuador, ESOL Writing IV

My beautiful country Ecuador is located in South America. It is named after the Equator, the imaginary line around the earth that splits the country in two. It has mountains, lakes, and beautiful beaches. The people are humble, cheerful and respectful, but there are certain things I would like to see change in my country.

Education is one of the things that I would like to improve. Even though the education system is very good, not everyone can access it because the cost of schools and universities and school supplies are extremely expensive. They should provide more public schools, teachers, libraries and free school supplies for those who cannot pay for them.

The economy is another thing that I would like to change in my country. Although my country has incredible natural resources, the government needs to use these resources more efficiently to move forward. Ecuador is the largest exporter of flowers in the world. Also, we have a strong tourism industry. The most visited places are the Galapagos Islands, the capital Quito, the Amazons, and some cities known for their beautiful mountains. Despite all this, I think government needs to do more marketing to attract more tourists, and the costs for tourists should be a little bit lower, especially taxes when entering and leaving the country.

Safety is a big problem in my country. Ecuador has a high crime rate. People cannot walk the streets or the parks anymore because they are not safe, and the police do nothing. The government should increase the police force and place security cameras in specific places to avoid assaults.

Ecuador has many ways to be better and improve the quality of life, but all this must be handled with responsibility.