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Floridia Fonseca, Colombia, ESOL Writing II

New Year’s Eve is the most important holiday and interesting celebration in my country. This day is special for everybody because we do different traditional things. The most important is sharing this celebration with the family and friends. We also go to church and pray to give thanks for the old year and the coming year. We have a big party and listen to special music for the old year. We cook traditional food such as tamales, baked turkey, natilla, buñuelos, empanadas, lechona, sancocho, sabajon, and masato de maiz. We are happy and dance all night. However, we also have some funny customs.

People usually wear new clothes and yellow underwear to attract money. We make a human size doll called Año Viejo from old clothes, shoes, and a hat and fill it with fireworks. It represents the old year, and this is a fun moment to enjoy with the family, especially for children. We put the doll outside in front of the house and burn it at midnight to say good-by to the old year. Everyone gives kisses and hugs to each other when we welcome the New Year. It is a great and emotional moment. I love other holidays, but New Year’s Eve is my favorite festival in my country.