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Frida Arvizu, Mexico, ESOL Writing IV

The countries around the world have a great diversity of people, cultures, and landscapes. Some countries are bigger than others, and some are as small as an island. Undoubtedly, every country is unique and beautiful, but not everything is positive. Mexico is a country with a diversity of people, weather, flora and fauna, food, and even accents, but Mexico still has problems. Some of the issues that should be addressed in Mexico are the minimum wage and education.

What Mexico needs the most is to increase the minimum wage and improve the education system. Nowadays, the minimum wage in Mexico is $4.70USD per day, and the cost of living per person is around $15USD per day. People can barely live on this wage, and the government does not have the financial resources to support people that only live on a minimum wage. In addition, looking for a job with a better wage is difficult. Also, basic education can be improved. The Mexican government should enhance the education of children. After all, they are the future of the country. Moreover, without a good education, it is harder to get a good job, not just a minimum wage job.

There are several ways to solve both problems, such as investing in education and creating better jobs and raising the minimum wage. To invest in education, it is necessary to pay teachers more, provide children with better classrooms, and motivate children to go to school every day. Often children are discouraged from going to school because parents do not have enough money to send them to school. Instead, children work at home or find a job to help their parents. As a result, this is creating another generation of people living with minimum wage jobs. Better jobs for people with a poor education, and education for children of the future will improve the quality of life for millions of people.

For these reasons, the Mexican government should make changes in my country. Maybe, by solving these problems in our country, we can solve other struggles like violence or corruption. After all, those are created by the lack of education.