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Jose Soldano, Costa Rica, ESOL Writing IV

Costa Rica is a country in Central America, with a population around 4.9 million and a land area of 51,060 square kilometers, and it is known for being a green country. In addition, Costa Rica is a tourist destination for a lot people around the world. Their beaches, national parks, and protected areas make Costa Rica a heavenly place for vacations. However, not everything in Costa Rica is perfect, and there are several problems that affect it. The main problems that Costa Rica is going through are inefficiency in infrastructure, insecurity, and corruption.

The inefficiency of infrastructure is a problem that impacts many countries around the world. Specifically, in Costa Rica this problem mainly affects people in the big cities because the poor infrastructure is not prepared to have so many vehicles in the streets. Unfortunately, with the lack of leaders with clear ideas of how to improve inadequate infrastructure, it seems like this is a problem Costa Rica will be unable to solve.

People want to live in peace, or at least it is what most of the world population wishes for. But this is not always the reality in Costa Rica because of crime. The lack of opportunities, poor education, and family problems are to blame. Those reasons lead people to make wrong decisions and become involved in criminal activity. As a result, people do not feel safe anymore like they used to years ago.

Finally, corruption also affects Costa Rica in a way that people who do not live in the country probably do not understand. Numerous incidents of corruption have had a significant impact on Costa Rica, and those have mainly impeded the general growth of a country with great potential. Education, healthcare, infrastructure, and transportation are impacted by the corrupt people who are leading and making important decisions about the future of the country.

As previously noted, there are numerous problems that a country can experience for many different reasons. For Costa Rica, those problems are the inadequacy of infrastructure, lack of security, and presence of corruption. These factors are keeping financial growth from people who need and deserve it. In order to fix these issues, people are going to have to really fight to achieve their goals.