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Thu Tran, Vietnam, Writing III

Worrying about the future sometimes drives us crazy, so “do not cross that bridge until you come to it” seems to be an effective way to free our mind. The meaning of this expression is that we should not think about problems that might happen until they actually happen. Life always throws obstacles in our way. That’s why people tend to be afraid of bad situations that might come and try to figure out how to resolve them. However, nobody can predict the future exactly, so worrying about tomorrow just makes us feel more stressed. Imagine that you are a student before a final exam. Even though you prepare well, you still cannot stop thinking about bad things which might happen.

It’s impossible to sleep well day after day because you feel so nervous. The exam finally comes, but you get sick and cannot take it anymore. Now it’s too late to turn back and realize how foolish you have been. Life is too short to worry, so do not waste your time on future problems. Let’s enjoy the present moment instead.