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Lina Corozco, Colombia, ESOL Writing V

I believe that treating others with respect could make this world better. Nowadays, people get angry easily, and I believe that the lack of respect is a social problem. I have seen cases where people fight because they did not respect other opinions or points of view. As humans, we have different opinions, and everyone has reasons to follow his or her ideas, which is totally understandable.  The lack of respect is making the world worse. I believe that people can have a conversation and debate a subject without being aggressive or offensive.

I was born with values. My parents always taught me that respect is the base of everything, and they said that without it you are nobody. I believe they are right. They taught me the basic and essential value of life. When I was in school, I saw many students with different behaviors and I never realized why some of them could not act right or do good for others. Today, there are always people trying to pull others down, and I always ask myself why that happens. I ask why they act like that, and I am so amazed that when they argue they cannot be accepting or treat others with respect.

I believe that rules are necessary, and we must follow them, even if some people do not agree with those rules. It is impossible to have everybody agree on a subject, but with respect, people can solve problems and do more. As a unit and with respect, people can stop the aggressiveness and hate.