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Maria Rendon, Ecuador, ESOL Grammar V

I am 43 years old. Every day I say I am here. I am here for my family, friends or anyone who needs my help. I am grateful for having a Job and helping at home. Sometimes, there are good and bad days, but we have to continue with our lives. I believe in smiling and giving the best of ourselves because we will be rewarded someday. In this world we are surrounded by good and bad people. We can find them at work or even in our families. However, my character does not let me be a bad person.

Because from my childhood my parents taught me to help others when they need it without expecting to receive anything in return. I believe that I am here for a reason and purpose. When I think that something is inaccessible or impossible, I pray and say thank God, because everything comes together with the hands of God. I believe, I am here even if things happen every day.