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Amnelis Grillo, Cuba, ESOL Grammar V

In my first year in the United States I experimented a lot of different feelings, but my smile and language came together very well. That is when I realized that we all smile the same language.

It was sad for me not to be around my family, people and friends when I came here. I was disconnected from them. I knew it was something more than love for my family that brought me here.  I believe I came here to mark something different for my family. I remember when I left Cuba I had this big smile on my face to make myself a little stronger when saying good bye to my parents. We couldn’t say many words that day. Our language was more of a simple smile for a “good bye.”

The same first year, I was trying to deal with all this sad feeling inside of me. I was going  to get married with the love of my life. We were in love with the way we smiled together. Since I didn’t know how to speak English on my first job interview I put my smile on to be as relaxed as possible; I really needed the job! I got a phone call from the manager for a second job interview. I finally got the job talking the same language of my birth country, a bilingual job!

Years later I worked for M.E.T (Motivation, Education, Training) Company. I got my own office as children and family advocate. The job let me help and support the Hispanic communities in the states with their Spanish language to meet the goal to be better parents and families. Children and families from many different countries showed me how we all smile the same language with sympathy, respect, honesty and so much more that we can have inside of us, but sometimes we can’t communicate them very well.

After a few years living in the U.S, I still believe we all can be happy, united and strong. The frustration of a new language can’t stop you from who you are. Keep the smile in your face and everyone will answer you with a thank you.