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Fatima eddir, Algeria, ESOL Writing V

I believe in willingness as the key to success in life. I lived in my hometown in Algeria for 22 years, and I was surrounded by women who tried every respectful job to make their life easier. They worked in fields to support their families.  And my mother was one of them.

When my mother was a child, she attended school in a city but her parents arranged her marriage and stopped her from education. Because of the society, people thought that their daughters were better off with men besides them. At that time, girls had to start families at an early age.

Unfortunately, when my mother had two kids, my father had health issues and stopped working. So my mother worked for other families, in addition for her work in the fields. She regretted not being able to finish her education to be able to work as a teacher.  Because in this period, my country had its independence from France, and the war was over.  As a result, the new government hired as teachers every person who was able to read and understand Arabic.

After this difficult period, my mother raised her seven children with one goal, which was seeking knowledge. When I was a little girl, I did not understand why she was so strict about having education. But year after year, I realized the importance of her saying that no matter what obstacles you confront in life your knowledge will help you. The knowledge doesn’t belong to the rich but to people who want it.

I had taken her words to practice and I was capable to be an educated woman as my three sisters and brothers. I remembered when I was hired to work at a bank as a loan officer, she was so proud. I could never forget her tears and her words,‟ I really believed in my children, and I really wanted big success for you my daughters. This way I do not have to worry about your future because you’re carrying a big treasure in your heart, which is willingness.”

Like my mother who never took gold or silver as her glory in life as some women do, I believe that everything can be realized if we want it really deeply in our hearts. This is the power of a successful life.