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Monica Dias, Brazil, ESOL Grammar V

I believe that the world turns in our favor when we chase our dreams. About five years ago, I visited America for the first time with my daughter. I felt a sudden happiness and desire to move to USA after seeing that we would have a much better life for both of us. When we were at Orlando’s airport, while I was waving goodbye to a friend that lives here, I told myself “I will come back”. Already in Brazil I searched all the possibilities to have a permanent visa but at that time I didn’t meet any of the conditions for a visa. It was an impossible dream.

I put that wish in my heart and started to visit USA more frequently, preparing myself, meeting new people and organizing our lives, so we would be prepared for new challenges. My faith was always guiding me.

As a result of that wish in my heart, one year later I met my husband, who is American. After six months, we got married. All the things that happened led me to the person I am today, and now we are building our new life, which includes learning a new language, here in America.