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Norma A. Lugo Alvarado, Mexico, ESOL Grammar V

My mother was a very submissive woman, and she had worked tirelessly to raise her children. She has inspired me to work hard and to have a passionate heart in order to achieve my goals. Her sacrifice and dedication for the family has taught me to never give up on my dreams despite hardships. I believe in the passionate and determined heart of women to accomplish any goals. Although my mother wasn’t able to read or write, she always encouraged us to attend school because she did not have the opportunity to finish elementary education.  In addition, she taught me to take advantage of opportunities in order to improve my education.  In the same way, I have read some inspiring stories of people in similar situations who had to struggle to learn English.

For example, Guadalupe Quintanilla had to overcome difficulties in her education. She was classified as “retarded” just because she only knew Spanish; at the time she had scored very low on an English test. Her determined attitude pushed her to obtain her goals in education with a doctorate degree and become an administrator and professor at the University of Houston.

In conclusion, I truly believe that women with warrior hearts may have to pay high prices to succeed in life because of the obstacles that they have to overcome.