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Martyna Wielinska, Poland, ESOL Writing IV

There are nearly 200 countries in the world. Each of them is unique, but none of them are ideal. In every country, citizens would like to change or improve something about it. It is not easy, but sometimes it is possible. My home country is Poland. It is one of my favorite places in the word. I am so proud to be Polish, but I know that my country is not perfect. Poland needs some changes, and I think at the beginning the changes should start with the citizens. Polish people should change two things: complaints and self-confidence.

The first change should be fewer complaints. Many of the Polish people lament about everything all the time. They do not like their job, family or life. They are not satisfied with what they have and sometimes even who they are. Often, they are pessimistic about life and the country. It is really hard to explain why we do it, but I think this is our national character. If in my country people modify their negative attitude and start to complain less, many things would change. If they stop lamenting, they save time and they can do more. This can be good for them, their family, or even the country. Being an optimist is not easy, but it could help Poland change, and fewer complaints can change the country for the better.

The second change for my home country should be about self-confidence. Polish people do not believe in themselves and their capabilities. Polish history is uncommon, sorrowful and hard to understand. We have fought for the freedom of our country many times. However, each fight gave us strength and hope for a better tomorrow. We fought and won every time. Now Poland is one of the most important countries in Europe. Poland is innovative and important in the international arena, and we cannot forget about it. Polish people have to be more self-confident and believe that we can do what we want. Being self-confident is good for us because if we are confident, we believe in what we know and what we do. Now, Poland has more possibilities than ever. With self-confident people, we can change a lot and make our country better than yesterday.

Countries, cities, and people are not ideal. Modification is needed in every country. Some countries have much to change, others less. My country has a lot to work on. Nobody is perfect. In my opinion, the most important change should be to work on complaints and self-confidence. If in some way it will improve, the Polish people will take a step in the right direction, a small step to big successes and new changes.