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Carols Dyer, Costa Rica, ESOL Writing V

In the present many people use social media through smartphones, laptops, or both. This has helped people around the world to communicate with others and know about events in other parts of the world in a matter of seconds. The social media is a technological advance that has had a significant impact on people’s lives, but it has also been addictive for some people.

Many people, mostly the young, use the social media like a tool to express their opinions, feelings, beliefs, likes, and to meet new people as well. This causes users to spend hours in front of a screen using social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and many others. As a result, some become addicted to it. This addiction to the social media causes difficulties for some to interact with other people in real life because they have not had much experience in face-to-face interactions. This can have negative effects on relationships and future jobs because they do not know how to talk with another person face to face.

For this reason, I believe that social media are adversely affecting people and their lives, so we need to think about ways to resolve this issue. There are many actions that we can take to solve this problem. People should use less social media and perform more social activities outside their homes, go out with friends or family and meet new people. These actions would improve the quality of life for many people.

In my opinion, social networks are not bad, but excessive use of them turns them into an addiction for people, causing health and social problems. People need to be aware of this and find ways to manage their time on social media. If we can achieve this goal, our future will be better, and we are going to be happier.