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Is Your Fate in Your Hands?

In my opinion, fate is the way of life. Someone enjoys happiness or suffers from misery, is healthy or sickly, has a long or short life, gains success or failure in their career… it is all their fate. Some people think fate comes from a supernatural power, but others think fate is what they make. When I was young, I used to think God gives us a fate; we just follow and accept our fate. But after some problems happened in my life and to people around me, I changed my mind. Excluding birth and death, I believe our character determines our fate.

As a high school graduate, I had to decide what college or university I wanted to attend. I wanted to be an interior designer, but I was not good at drawing so I did not dare enroll in that subject. Finally, I decided to study to be English interpreter because my friend was studying that discipline. It was the wrong choice for me because I really did not like it, so I did not try my best in school. As a result, I graduated with an average grade. I found a job, but it was boring. Every day I went to work in a bad mood, but I could not quit because I had to support myself. I felt hopeless, disappointed with my career because of my poor choice, which came from my character. I am a fickle person.

If I had persisted in pursuing my desire, my life would have been different.  This was my first mistake, and it led my life in a way I did not like, but I had made the choice.

I realized many people around me were suffering from a hard life that came from their character. They absolutely can change their lives, but they do not. When I asked them to change, they told me it was their fate. If we have the chance to change our fate, we should do it because we only have one life. We should make it easy when possible. I have a situation with my sister, who has an adult son who is almost 30 years old. He likes animals and raises many kinds of them. The problem is he does not want to pay money to buy them, and he does not have time to take care of them. My sister has to do it all. She used to complain about her son to me. She is very busy with the animals and does not have time to do anything else. Sometimes an animal dies, and her son curses at her. Her husband is sick because of an unhealthy lifestyle, and he nags her everyday about everything. She is suffering a bad life. My sister has a weak character. She is fragile, feeble, and timid. If she said no to her son and her husband when they ask her to do many things like that, everything would change. She has the right to live an easy life, but she has not done anything to make it easy.

If people want to live healthy, they can influence their life by eating healthy, doing exercise regularly, and avoiding smoking or drinking alcohol. My husband is almost 65 years old, but he looks 50 and he is a healthy man. He can run up and down the stairs like a young man. Every day, he runs five miles on a treadmill. He usually eats vegetables and fruit and drinks juice. He does not smoke or drink alcohol. He wants a healthy life and he does everything to achieve it. His fate is in his hands.

Our fate belongs to our reactions to problems around us. If you are suffering from someone or something that you do not like, find a new way or do something different from your usual behavior to make you feel better. Your fate will change.