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Duty of Life

Loving people is my desire. It makes me feel I have some meaning in life. I always help children that do not have a family because they lack good conditions in their life, such as food, clothes, education, and love. I believed that my duty in this life is loving other people.

The first reason I believe that loving people is my duty is because everyone has the right to be loved. For example, I did not have love from people around me at the beginning when I came to the US. Every day, I walked two miles to school in the winter. I had my cousin who lived with me, but he did not help me get my driver’s license. He did not understand how badly the weather affected my health. Because of that experience, I understand people need love, regardless of their background. Children who are abandoned by their family need someone to provide them with a good environment for their healthy development. People who are often ostracized from society -- such as pregnant teens, people with HIV, or prisoners -- get abandoned by their families. To come back to life, they need someone to grow the seed of love in their mind again. I want to give all of them love; it is my duty in life.

The second reason I believe that loving people is my duty in life is because love can change the world for the better. If society can give people love without considering their background, the country will be stronger. For example, some prisoners cannot return to a normal life because no one wants or loves them. They may break the law again to get money to live when they cannot find a job. If society gives love to prisoners who return home, it will develop the economy and decrease crime.

The third reason for my belief is that through my little action of helping, understanding or forgiving, I am trying to change the country to a peaceful country. For example, changing the negative thinking about teen pregnancy may take a long time. Many of them suffer emotionally because family does not accept them. Babies of teen mothers may be born into unhappiness. I do not think it is the way to start a new life.  If I were a mother of a pregnant teen, I would help them to adapt to their new environment. Also, they should be told that they are growing up and learning how to not repeat the same mistakes. Life will become easier. The country will be more peaceful when families do not too suffer when this situation happens to them.

In conclusion, I am trying to give people around me love every day because it is my duty in this life. Loving others should be a mission for humans. My duty cannot be done by me alone. Everyone should practice loving someone to make life happier and easier.