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My Birthday

Every year on my birthday, my family makes that day very special. First, my parents enter my room to sing me “Happy Birthday.” When my sisters bring me the presents they bought me, I open them and take pictures with my family. The next thing I do is take a shower and get dressed to go to my grandmother’s house to celebrate my birthday with the rest of the family. My grandma cooks my favorite dish, which is cabrito. We all eat and have a good time together. When my celebration ends at my grandma’s house, I go back to my house to start getting ready for the party.

On my special day, I like to wear formal clothes. My friends arrive, and they help me to get ready while my parents go to the place where we will have the party. Every year we have it in the same place, a beautiful quinta owned by my family. I like my birthday party a lot because I am with all the people I love, with great music, food, and in a beautiful place.