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Every Christmas after midnight, my grandmother drags everyone in the family out to play the “Game of Gifts.” She goes around the whole apartment looking for different groups. Usually my little cousins are in the second room sleeping or playing with Legos, while the big cousins are in the third room watching a Christmas movie or playing cards. The uncles are on the terrace drinking and talking. Once we get together in my grandmother’s room, we start playing our original game.

Each person in the family has to give a gift, but before giving it, the other members of the family have to guess where it is, based on the clues that are hidden all over the house. For example, my mom always hides a clue under the couch, and I love hiding my clues in the kitchen. After finishing the game, everyone is happy and excited for the gifts yet to come, but the happiest person is my grandmother. The main reason we do this every year is because my grandmother loves Christmas, and we all love to make her happy and watch her enjoy this amazing day.