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Fany G. Molina, Honduras, ESOL Writing IV

Honduras is a beautiful country located in Central America, in which there are different racial and ethnic groups, including whites, Mestizos, Indigenous, Garifuna, and English-speaking Creoles. Apart from its ethnic groups, there are also beautiful places like Roatan, Plátano River, Talgua Caves, and many more. Honduras is 112,492 square kilometers and is divided into 18 departments, or states, and its population exceeds nine million. Honduras has many beautiful aspects, but just as it has beautiful things, it also has things that make my country one of the most unsafe countries in the world, and the two most important are violence and political corruption.

In recent years, gangs and drug traffickers have been in charge of spreading violence throughout the country, leaving many innocent people dead. For Honduras, 2012 was the year with the highest death rate in its history. In this year, the homicide rate was 20 homicides a day, and most of the victims were young people between the ages of 12 and 20 who were either involved with gangs or drug trafficking or simply did not want to join gangs or drug traffickers.

The other thing which is doing a lot of damage to Honduras is the political corruption. In 2017, Honduras was the country in which the biggest political fraud occurred. This happened on November 26, when the president who had been in charge for the past four years decided to run for re-election. In Honduras re-election was illegal until the president decided that he did not want to leave his spot, so he decided to make it legal. People were discontent, and they went out and voted against the re-election of the president. The days went by, and the results were still unknown, but people knew who they voted for. In the end, when it was finally announced who the winner was, the results were in favor of the president. This created conflict because over the past four years he had not been a good president and he will not do anything good in another 4 years. It will make the country worse.

In conclusion, my country has places where Hondurans can find peace and love, but it also has that dark side where they can find death and destruction. To make this end, we need to start changing how we behave and think about what we really want in this life.