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Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, my whole family spends the evening together. Before we eat, we take some traditional pictures. We always do this in the same order. The first ones to take these pictures are my aunt and her children, and my grandparents, and then my uncle, aunt, and their daughters. My parents, grandparents and I are the next ones to take pictures. And the very last picture is with all my cousins, my grandparents and me.  After taking these pictures, we pray, and we give thanks for one more year. While we are playing around, having dinner, or talking, my grandfather always plays Catholic Christmas music, but sometimes he allows us to play other kinds of Christmas songs.

For dinner, we eat a little of all the dishes that each person brings. Some of those dishes are apple salad, pork tenderloin, romeritos bacalao, and chicken in peanut sauce. We drink champurrado or atole, tea, fruit punch, soda, and wine. For dessert, we eat cookies, brownies, cake, and some candies like kisses, truffles, and cakes. After having dinner, we start to play La Loteria or Uno, or we open the gifts while we eat our desserts. After one o’clock, we usually watch Home Alone in my grandparents’ room. When the movie ends we leave and finally we go back home. The reason why I love this tradition so much is because I love Christmas, but what I love most is how we share it together as a family. But unfortunately, for the last two years I haven’t been able to go to our family dinner because I’m here in the United States, and all of my family lives in Mexico. I hope to see them as soon as possible and attend this important dinner.