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Eid Nowruz

In my country every year on March 21st, we have a big spring celebration day. We call it Eid Nowruz. This is a holiday for us. It is originally a traditional Kurdish day, but all Iraqis celebrate it. On this day, all the people are happy and excited for spring. All the people go out and take their favorite food and fruit and some blankets, chairs, and toys to start the celebration. My family always went to a huge green park where there were many big trees. We used to choose one tree and put our blanket underneath it to sit on.

We also set two chairs there for my mom and dad. Of course Mom prepared her favorite food the day before. Then we took out our tennis racquets and started to play. Sometimes we turned on music, and we danced our famous dance that we call debkeh. In the end, this is a fun traditional day that I like to celebrate every year.