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In my country of Bolivia, we have a tradition of taking a siesta after eating lunch, which means taking a nap for an hour or two. My mother would nap before going back to work, and my sisters and I before doing homework. I preferably chose the sofa as it was very comfortable. Taking a nap always helped us to feel better and regain motivation and energy. In fact, when my sister Sahsha didn’t have her nap, she would become very grumpy, and I was always too sleepy to do anything.

My family embraced this tradition in order to spend more time as a family. My father would talk about his day and ask us about ours, not to mention that sometimes he and my mother played funny movies for us. My family always made fun of me because I would fall asleep fifteen minutes into the film. Now that we live in the United States, it has been difficult to keep our tradition as our schedules are very different here, and we work long hours. We still struggle to adjust because we were so used to resting in the middle of the day. Now we feel more tired after we come home from work. I sure miss taking a siesta.