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Christmas is my favorite holiday because we spend a wonderful time together during the whole preparation. Everything starts in October when we discuss if the dinner will be tamales, glazed ham, or turkey. Throughout the next weeks, we call all the cousins and relatives who live out of state and our closest friends, to check if they are coming. When the guest list is done, we have to decide between our house, which is small and new, or my grandmother’s house, which is big and comfortable, to celebrate the holiday.

The first days of November come and then we begin looking for games and pleasant activities to have an awesome time. Also, my mom and I go shopping to get everything we need to decorate the house, like red and green string lights, shiny ornaments, some cute candles, and of course a tree. December is here, and the Christmas spirit can be felt. We spend a whole day putting the decorations in place. The day comes, and my grandmother prepares the dishes while all the grandchildren help. I enjoy the months of preparation even more than Christmas Eve.