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Holy Week

In Guatemala, Holy Week is more than a religious holiday. There are many traditions according to the area and family to which you belong. One of those beautiful traditions is Holy Saturday. On that day, the family reunion is important. Kids haven’t seen grandparents for months or even years, and this holiday helps families get together. The smell of flowers and fruits is unique. We have the breakfast meal as Jesus had it the week before Palm Sunday. After breakfast, the mother and grandmother make a delicious dessert beverage that contains peaches, honey, cinnamon, papayas, plantains, green mangos, and pineapple.

After we finish the dessert, if we still have some in our cups, we use a spoon to pour it over any fruit plant that we have at home to make its fruit sweeter and more beautiful to eat. I remember the smells and flavors as if I were at home now. Holy Saturday is one more reason to be together with the family and share magic moments.