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Thao N. Le, Vietnam, ESOL Writing IV

My country, Vietnam, is a small country in Southeast Asia with 3000km of beautiful beaches. Vietnamese people are very nice and friendly, with a smile always on their faces. Although my country is wonderful, it still has some social and economic issues that we should change in order to help people to have better lives. The most important thing that I would like to change in my country is the transportation system because it will increase safety and economic development.

First of all, the transportation system in Vietnam is underdeveloped, especially in the rural and mountain areas. Improving transportation, such as building more roads connecting villages to villages and provinces to provinces is a good idea that can result in a better outcome in terms of economic development as well as cultural exchange. The more convenient a transportation system is, the more attractive the destinations are, and so it would be good for the tourism industry too. These changes will help development in new areas, and that will trigger many advantages, such as improvements to the standard of living, poverty alleviation, and increased employment, not to mention the development in real estate and industrialization.

Secondly, the improvement of the transportation systems increases safety for people in my country. Nowadays, with the development of economy, the numbers of people and vehicles are rising very quickly. Nevertheless, there are not enough roads to meet the demands of people who need to use the roadways. As a result, the number of traffic accidents is also rising rapidly. Larger and better roads will reduce the number of accidents because they will be able to accommodate more vehicles safely. In addition, new traffic systems will benefit Vietnamese society and contribute to the development of the economy. When roads are improved, people will move faster and more easily. Therefore, they may save time spent in transit and save more time for other work. Farmers also need to use roads to transport their products, so building new highways will make transportation easier for the farmers bringing goods to market.  Consequently, the economy will grow faster and attract more foreign investment to the country.

In conclusion, the transportation system is a major factor in the economy and society in my country. For these reasons, improving transportations systems is my first choice for what I would change in my country because it will bring more convenience and efficiency for the people to live and work and will help the economy develop faster.