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There are many things that make me happy. First, I love music. Listening to music is like a religion to me because I can’t do many things without music. For example, music helps me study, read, exercise, cook, wash dishes, and take a shower. Second, I love spending time with my husband because he is really fun. We do many different things together such as solving puzzles, watching Mexican soap operas and movies, or watching sports. Unfortunately, I sometimes feel sad because we can’t spend much time together.

Another thing that makes me happy is exercising. When I feel stressed, I go to the gym and exercise to feel free and forget about the stress. When I do cardio exercises and use Hydro Massage beds, I feel fresh and energetic for the entire day. Finally, I like reading or playing video games on my days off. These activities transport me to another world and allow me to live through different historical events that I learn about from the books and video games. Sometimes, I have hard and stressful days that never seem to end, but my favorite activities change my mood and make me happy.