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Francisco Rodriguez, Mexico, ESOL Writing IV

The education system in Mexico provides many opportunities so people can excel in life. However, it is important to modify the education system because there are a lot of discrepancies between the private and public education. To address the discrepancies, it is advisable to focus on education programs for young children between 2 and 6 years. Additionally, the government should dedicate more resources because it is vital for the intellectual growth of children, who, in the future, can improve their own country. Mexico has an extraordinary challenge to create a functional kindergarten program. To accomplish this, kindergarten programs need to extend operation hours, offer bilingual programs, and make the cost more affordable.

First, the kindergarten program should extend their operations hours to better match parents' work schedules. Normally, both parents work long hours during the weekdays. For that reason, they need the schedule in the programs to cover more hours to meet this schedule demand. Currently, the classes end before parents finish work. For example, in Mexico, the kindergarten program is open from 7 am to 5 pm. This is difficult for drop off and pick up because many parents work before 7 am and on average get out of their jobs between 5 pm and 7 pm. In addition, the traffic can increase how late parents pick their children up, which means being charged an extra fee. Extending hours in school programs will bring peace of mind to parents.

Second, kindergarten programs should provide bilingual programs because children live in a globalized world. Every child should start a bilingual program at an early age because it will improve the chance of becoming proficient in another language. Knowing two or more languages is vital to careers because so much international communication occurs in businesses. When the children are more prepared, they will have more skills to be successful and improve their country. Therefore, the children who receive bilingual education will be more prepared in this globalized world.

Finally, the cost for the kindergarten programs should be affordable for anyone who wishes to sign up. In Mexico, the cost of private education is too expensive for some people to afford. Many families in Mexico just do not make enough income to put their children through private school, so the children attend a public school. Although public education is affordable for many, it is of poor quality. As a result, these students will not receive the education that will help them succeed in the future. Therefore, high quality kindergarten programs must be accessible for everyone, no matter their economic status.

In conclusion, Mexico can increase the educational opportunities for everyone by making some changes to the kindergarten program. To accomplish this, programs will need to offer longer hours, include bilingual programs, and offer financially feasible tuition. Making these modifications will allow the youth in Mexico prepare to be more successful as they become adults in the global world. As Malcom X pointed out, “Education is the passport to the future.”