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Vasti Tapia, Mexico, ESOL Writing IV

Education makes us better people and allows us to acquire new skills. It is the first step towards progress. Unfortunately, the educational system in Mexico does not provide opportunities for all, and there is a big problem with student protests.

A significant portion of the population of the poorest sectors do not have access to education, and many of those who start school cannot continue their higher education studies due to the high cost of universities. In Mexico almost 7,000,000 young people do not go to school, and only one in ten Mexicans attends a university. In my country, it is too expensive for a large number of families to move to the city, rent a room, and pay for food, transportation and books. Therefore, their children cannot attend school. More opportunities granted by the authorities would be a great solution to this problem. For example, the government should give scholarships to the most outstanding students or those with the best grades and those who have the ability to succeed and make the country proud but do not have the economic resources to go to a university.

In Mexico, students training to become basic education teachers constantly protest in the capital of the state of Michoacán, blocking highways, with some students throwing rocks at motor vehicles. They demand that the government guarantee them work and scholarships. The students plan to continue with these kinds of demonstrations until their demands are met. It is urgent to end the demonstrations because many people are being harmed. The government should look for solutions so that students do not resort to violence. For example, officials should arrest those who destroy private property and help those affected by the demonstrations.

Helping young people to complete their university studies will allow them to be independent, increase their self-esteem and financial security, and help their families and communities. Helping thousands of young people to achieve this dream will make my country a place with opportunities for capable and outstanding people. With the help of everyone, it is possible to change a society and the country as well.