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Shaping Diamonds

It has been almost ten years since I became a mom of three sweet kids. How adorable it has been cuddling my babies and taking care of them. However, challenging times have come as they have been growing up. Sometimes, I have felt defeated parenting my children. Nevertheless, in seeking to improve as a mom, I have found that listening carefully to my children has helped me nurture them in a positive way.

Duty of Life

Loving people is my desire. It makes me feel I have some meaning in life. I always help children that do not have a family because they lack good conditions in their life, such as food, clothes, education, and love. I believed that my duty in this life is loving other people.

The first reason I believe that loving people is my duty is because everyone has the right to be loved. For example, I did not have love from people around me at the beginning when I came to the US. Every day, I walked two miles to school in the winter. I had my cousin who lived with me, but he did not help me get my driver’s license. He did not understand how badly the weather affected my health. Because of that experience, I understand people need love, regardless of their background. Children who are abandoned by their family need someone to provide them with a good environment for their healthy development. People who are often ostracized from society -- such as pregnant teens, people with HIV, or prisoners -- get abandoned by their families. To come back to life, they need someone to grow the seed of love in their mind again. I want to give all of them love; it is my duty in life.

How Learning Other Languages Develops Children’s Brains

I believe in teaching another language to children to develop their minds. Learning languages helps children’s brains to evolve and acquire skills which permit children to succeed in school.

When I arrived in the United States, I found a barrier: A different language. I had never thought that it was important to learn to speak another language until I had to live in a country where people speak a distinct language. From that moment, I decided my children needed to learn to speak English when they were born. I became obsessed with that. When my oldest son was two years old, he attended an English school in Venezuela. He watched shows in English. He just had English-speaking toys. When we moved to the United States, he was diagnosed with ADHD and he had a speech test which showed his first language was English. That was a surprise for me. In that moment, I had to change my mind. Now, my challenge was strengthening the Spanish, which was supposed to be his mother tongue.

Do People See You as a Tree or as Land?

When you meet new people, during the first conversations some of the questions that come up are designed to get to know you. What do you do for living? What other activities do you enjoy? Who is your family and what do they do? After this first conversation, you can often determine who just wants to get something from you and who truly cares about your feelings, your health, or your goals in life. I believe there are only two ways in which people look at you: One is as a tree to pluck your fruits and other as land to cultivate.

Is Your Fate in Your Hands?

In my opinion, fate is the way of life. Someone enjoys happiness or suffers from misery, is healthy or sickly, has a long or short life, gains success or failure in their career… it is all their fate. Some people think fate comes from a supernatural power, but others think fate is what they make. When I was young, I used to think God gives us a fate; we just follow and accept our fate. But after some problems happened in my life and to people around me, I changed my mind. Excluding birth and death, I believe our character determines our fate.

Is Freedom Hope or a Rope?

I believe that freedom is the absence of fear. When people are asked to define freedom, it is often said, “Freedom is the liberty to say what I want,” or “Freedom is to go wherever I want to go.” In my opinion, those statements are examples of having permission from someone or from the laws of the country, but not actual freedom. To comprehend the concept of freedom, we need to determine if we limit our actions due to fear of what other people may do about it, or what they may think afterwards.