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There are many things that make me happy. First, I love music. Listening to music is like a religion to me because I can’t do many things without music. For example, music helps me study, read, exercise, cook, wash dishes, and take a shower. Second, I love spending time with my husband because he is really fun. We do many different things together such as solving puzzles, watching Mexican soap operas and movies, or watching sports. Unfortunately, I sometimes feel sad because we can’t spend much time together.

I feel happy when the people I love are smiling. It is really important for me to see my family happy because it makes me feel happy, too. I also feel happy when I see my daughter run and play in the park because I know she is happy. What makes a mother happy is to see her children happy. I really enjoy seeing my daughter learn new things, too. The happiest moments in my life are the ones I spend with my family learning and sharing new experiences together.

Going Shopping makes me happy. First, when I feel stressed, I like to go shopping at the mall. Second, I always look for something new. Then I go to see several stores before I decide to buy it. For example, if today I want to buy some clothes, I check Angle, Rule21, and Abercrombie & Fitch.

My small family makes me happy. There are three people in my family: my son Horacio, my husband Jassir, and I. Although each of us is different, we are very close. My son loves electronics and sports, so I learn about his hobbies and try to do the same things as well. My husband loves planes. I do not understand anything about them, but I like flying with him. I love reading, but my husband and son do not care much about my preference.

There are many things that make me happy. I like playing sports or going on vacation with my family and friends. Happiness in our lives is important, but what is happiness? For me, simple things like reading interesting books in my bedroom or shopping and playing with my family are happiness.

My parents make me happy. Thanks to them, I did not need anything; I always had enough food and a roof over my head. I know that they made a lot of effort to give me a good life. I am also alive because of them. When I was a little girl, I nearly died twice, but they did everything they could to save me. When I am with them, I feel like I am that little girl protected and safe with a lot of warmth in her heart, and nothing will ever happen to her again.

Being a good person makes me happy. Because this world needs more goodness, I always try to do the right thing. Unfortunately, most of the time, I fail, but I never stop trying. Some people go to church looking for happiness while others find joy in money. When I was very young, I heard somebody talk about the ways to find happiness. I think there is not a special way to find that. Everybody has their own way to be happy. My way is very simple. I am focused on my family and friends trying to be a better person for them.