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Chicago is my favorite city. It is an interesting city in Illinois. It has a beautiful beach and beautiful hotels and tall buildings around the beach. It is a big city, and it has many shopping places and nice restaurants. In Chicago, you can find everything you want. Chicago has 2.7 million people who live there.


Amman it is my favorite city. Amman is the capital of Jordan. There are many places to visit. There are Ain Ghazaleh, Roman theater, Amoun Castle. These are old places, but they are very beautiful. People in Amman are friendly, so it is easy to make friends with them. There are many cafes in Amman, and a lot of young people go there on the weekend.

El Tigre

My favorite city in the world is El Tigre in Venezuela. El Tigre is a small city in the south of AnzoƔtegui state. It has a great climate; it is neither hot nor cold. People are very nice there. They are friendly and polite. El Tigre is not a modern city, but has beautiful buildings and nice malls. There are good restaurants. The food is fresh because there are many farms and farmers.

Xin Yang

Xin Yang is my favorite city. It is my hometown, and it is a beautiful city. There are many rivers and parks. People swim and fish in the rivers. There are old and new buildings. Most tourists visit old buildings and take pictures. There are old buildings at the top of the high mountains, and they are famous.


Shanghai is my favorite city. I visited this city several years ago, and it left a good impression on me. Shanghai is a busy city. It is one of the capitals of China. It is a special city with a long history. There are Oriental pearls, the Yangtze River, and very classical old streets. Many traditional clothes and cheongsams are sold in these streets.  There are many places to visit, like Bund architecture and the Lujia in Pudong.


Destin is a beautiful city. There are small and big hotels. There are many restaurants. There is a beautiful beach. There are nice parks and trees. Many tourists visit Destin. It is a big city. There are tall buildings. There is nice weather.

Antigua Guatemala

My favorite city is Antigua Guatemala.  It is a small city, but it is a very beautiful and interesting place. Around that city, there are mountains and several Volcanoes.  In Antigua Guatemala, there are many old Colonial buildings. There are churches and cathedrals. There are beautiful houses with great gardens. There are hotels and restaurants.


Houston has wonderful places. Tourists visit Houston every year. They like to visit Children's Museum of Houston. About one million people visit this museum annually. Children enjoy all 90,000 square feet of jam-packed, hands-on exhibits and educational fun. People also visit the Downtown Aquarium. There are restaurants, exhibits and exotic marine life. There are crawfish, turtles and white tigers. Houston also has a zoo. There are 6,000 animals at the zoo. Another place to visit is the Museum of Fine Arts.

San Isidro de Perez Zeledon

San Isidro de Perez Zeledon is located in the southern area of Costa Rica. It is a valley with large mountains. They also call it Valle del General. Near San Isidro is Chirripo National Park, a place for tourists to see the two oceans. In the center of this city, there is a large and beautiful church with a park where people can enjoy the afternoons and share with their friends. In the center of San Isidro, there are always festivals with music and food.