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Frida Arvizu, Mexico, ESOL Writing IV

The countries around the world have a great diversity of people, cultures, and landscapes. Some countries are bigger than others, and some are as small as an island. Undoubtedly, every country is unique and beautiful, but not everything is positive. Mexico is a country with a diversity of people, weather, flora and fauna, food, and even accents, but Mexico still has problems. Some of the issues that should be addressed in Mexico are the minimum wage and education.

Jose Soldano, Costa Rica, ESOL Writing IV

Costa Rica is a country in Central America, with a population around 4.9 million and a land area of 51,060 square kilometers, and it is known for being a green country. In addition, Costa Rica is a tourist destination for a lot people around the world. Their beaches, national parks, and protected areas make Costa Rica a heavenly place for vacations. However, not everything in Costa Rica is perfect, and there are several problems that affect it. The main problems that Costa Rica is going through are inefficiency in infrastructure, insecurity, and corruption.

Martyna Wielinska, Poland, ESOL Writing IV

There are nearly 200 countries in the world. Each of them is unique, but none of them are ideal. In every country, citizens would like to change or improve something about it. It is not easy, but sometimes it is possible. My home country is Poland. It is one of my favorite places in the word. I am so proud to be Polish, but I know that my country is not perfect. Poland needs some changes, and I think at the beginning the changes should start with the citizens. Polish people should change two things: complaints and self-confidence.

Fany G. Molina, Honduras, ESOL Writing IV

Honduras is a beautiful country located in Central America, in which there are different racial and ethnic groups, including whites, Mestizos, Indigenous, Garifuna, and English-speaking Creoles. Apart from its ethnic groups, there are also beautiful places like Roatan, Plátano River, Talgua Caves, and many more. Honduras is 112,492 square kilometers and is divided into 18 departments, or states, and its population exceeds nine million. Honduras has many beautiful aspects, but just as it has beautiful things, it also has things that make my country one of the most unsafe countries in the world, and the two most important are violence and political corruption.

Thao N. Le, Vietnam, ESOL Writing IV

My country, Vietnam, is a small country in Southeast Asia with 3000km of beautiful beaches. Vietnamese people are very nice and friendly, with a smile always on their faces. Although my country is wonderful, it still has some social and economic issues that we should change in order to help people to have better lives. The most important thing that I would like to change in my country is the transportation system because it will increase safety and economic development.

Isabel Ferrufino, El Salvador, ESOL Writing IV

El Salvador is recognized for many things, such as tourism, beautiful landscapes, beaches, volcanoes, and handicrafts. It is well known for the famous traditional food called pupusas. Additionally, El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America, but it has a large population. However, not everything is perfect in this beautiful country. There is something that people undoubtedly would like to change in order to be able to live without fear because of gang violence.

Francisco Rodriguez, Mexico, ESOL Writing IV

The education system in Mexico provides many opportunities so people can excel in life. However, it is important to modify the education system because there are a lot of discrepancies between the private and public education. To address the discrepancies, it is advisable to focus on education programs for young children between 2 and 6 years. Additionally, the government should dedicate more resources because it is vital for the intellectual growth of children, who, in the future, can improve their own country. Mexico has an extraordinary challenge to create a functional kindergarten program. To accomplish this, kindergarten programs need to extend operation hours, offer bilingual programs, and make the cost more affordable.

Vasti Tapia, Mexico, ESOL Writing IV

Education makes us better people and allows us to acquire new skills. It is the first step towards progress. Unfortunately, the educational system in Mexico does not provide opportunities for all, and there is a big problem with student protests.

Marisol Vives, Venezuela, ESOL Integrated Skills III

One of the great problems in Venezuela is its economic depression. “Great Venezuela economic depression” refers to the deterioration that began to be noticed in the main macroeconomic indicators, and whose consequences have extended in time to the present. The beginning of the economic crisis brought about the explosion of different factors: the financial crisis, lack of food and medicines, closure of private companies, inflation (for individuals and companies); and finally the increase in unemployment, which resulted in the emergence of social movements.

Brayanth Negrin, Venezuela, ESOL Integrated Skills III

Optimists think that there are negative vibrations when they hear the bad news in Venezuela about the violation of human rights, violence and disrespect to the neighbors. There is a belief that in Venezuela everything was lost. Everything seems to be impossible in Venezuela. Now I will give you, the people of Venezuela, some guidelines for change. If you want a change, do not pray, do not ask, but be part of the change yourself with actions, thoughts and feelings as the creators of the change. The quality of your thoughts and feelings will determine the type of change that comes.