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Rossukon Jaeger, Thailand, ESOL Writing II

My favorite holiday in my country is Songkran. It is a wonderful Thai New Year’s festival. Thai people are happy about this festival because they have a five-day holiday. Everyone visits their families in their cities because it is also a family day in Thailand. On the first day of this celebration, Thai children splash fragrant water on their parents to ask for the best things.

Reyna Holder, Mexico, ESOL Writing II

My favorite holiday in Mexico is Christmas. I have great memories with my family. We are happy to have great time together in my parents’ house with family and friends on this holiday. We like to cook different foods such as tamales, turkey, and ham. We enjoy watching the kids get so excited waiting for Santa Claus to bring them presents. At midnight, we exchange gifts with family and friends.

Ngoc Hiep Le, Vietnam, ESOL writing II

My favorite holiday in Vietnam is Lunar New Year festival, also known as the Tet holiday. It is the most expected festival for Vietnamese people every year. The festival usually lasts about 3-4 days, and it takes place when a new year comes according to the lunar calendar.  The New Year festival is one of very few occasions when families can gather together, so it is easy to understand why everyone in Vietnam looks forward to this festival so much.

Mayra Rosero, Ecuador, ESOL Writing II

My favorite holiday in my country is New Year’s Eve. It is the last day of the year, and we wait for the New Year to come. This day is exciting because family members get together to celebrate this holiday wearing new clothes, new shoes, and eating a special holiday dinner. We have a tradition of making a big doll of paperboard with a mask of a character from a popular movie on it.

Gabriel Palacios, Venezuela, ESOL Writing II

My favorite festival in my country is the Carnival. It is beautiful, and all the Venezuelan people are happy during this time. It is one of most popular parties in Venezuela. Children play with water bombs, young people and adults enjoy the traditional music, and everybody dances.

Hisayo Tinsley, Japan, ESOL Writing II

My favorite holiday in my country is Japanese New Year. Japanese New Year has fascinating traditions, delicious food, and exciting festivities. Children’s favorite custom is Otoshidama. It is when kids receive money in decorated envelopes from their families. When I was a child, I couldn’t wait for the New Year. Every New Year, Japanese people eat mochi because it symbolizes health and longevity.

Floridia Fonseca, Colombia, ESOL Writing II

New Year’s Eve is the most important holiday and interesting celebration in my country. This day is special for everybody because we do different traditional things. The most important is sharing this celebration with the family and friends. We also go to church and pray to give thanks for the old year and the coming year. We have a big party and listen to special music for the old year. We cook traditional food such as tamales, baked turkey, natilla, buñuelos, empanadas, lechona, sancocho, sabajon, and masato de maiz. We are happy and dance all night. However, we also have some funny customs.

Mwadjuma Nyirasafari, Rwanda, ESOL Writing II

My favorite holiday in my country is Eid. Eid is a Muslim festival, in particular Eid al-Fitr or Eid al-Adha. First, Eids are the only days when Muslims come together for prayers and celebration. All Muslims in my country have to go to the same place where the prayers are led by a Muslim leader. Second, Muslims share the meal with family and friends. Muslims who don't have means to celebrate Eid are invited in the families or get helped by those who have means so they can enjoy this holiday with their loved ones.

Danny Barbosa, Mexico, ESOL Writing II

The Semana Santa, Holy Week, is the most loved public holiday in Mexico. This festival celebrates the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. Each year on Good Friday, there is a performance by more than 100 actors in Cerro de la Estella, which represents the Passion of Christ and is shown on live TV. This festival lasts two weeks, and many people use this opportunity to go out of town to forget about their hard work for a while. However, some people stay at home to celebrate this season with their families.

Farah ALsarray, Iraq, ESOL Writing II

My favorite holiday in my country is the spring holiday. Iraqis celebrate it on March 21st every year. I like this festival because we celebrate it with each other, eat desserts, and exchange visits. The weather on this day is nice.